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This LJ is a combination of boring RL stuff, rec's, and links to my later fanfics. The fanfic is scattered around various coms, and Sycophant Hex, under the name 'smoke'.

*smoke, btw, is so far over the age of 18 that she doesn't remember it anymore.

If you are here looking for my stories, while there are quite a few linked here on my LJ account, they are mixed in and hard for even me to find. However, all my fic is now posted on my Greatest Journal account, _smoke_, and at my Insane Journal account, _smoke_, neatly indexed and (hopefully) linked. The fics are divided between Het, Slash, Gen and Drabbles. There are Challenge Fics, Parody, Humor, Romance, Angst, PWP, Crack, AU, Darkish fics, and collaborations – with all ratings – within those categories. They are listed oldest to newest, and backdated to the approximate date they were written or posted. You do not need to have a GJ (or IJ) account to read or comment. Comments, of course, are always welcome.

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